Live at Carlone's!

Talented musicians from all over the world play a song for you live in my house! I make a sweet looking live video of it and then post it to the website... The artist gets a nice video to share with their fans. Simple.

It started in 2011 in NYC when a singer songwriter friend of mine was visiting. We bought some beers, turned on the camera and started jamming. The rest is history. Since then we've had over 50 performances from musicians all over the world. Now I live in Los Angeles and have carried on the tradition and recently decided to do small interviews with the artist. I'm hoping through Live at Carlone's, people will be turned on to great new artists. It's also my little gift to the music community.

If you're ever in Los Angeles and want to play LIVE AT CARLONE'S, please drop me a line!

Feel free to bring a six pack of beer! :)
I love beer.

Live at Carlone’s goes on location in Bryant Park!

Check out the very talented and heartfelt songwriter Jonny Polonsky in action up in Elysian Park!

Meredith Meyer from Young Unknowns played us a song and was our first guest since relocating back to NYC! Check her out!

Oh my god it’s B l o o d y d e a t h s k u l l

live at carlone’s!!!

Recorded in the belly of a ship out in dangerous waters.

Favorite band in the world right now. BLACKWATER JUKEBOX!!! This is a beautiful performance!! Check it out!!

HONORED to have Gwendolyn drop by! Oh my word!

Finally some latin flavor at Live at Carlone’s! Julio Montero is a really talented songwriter with a beautiful voice! Check him out!

Honored to have Caitlin Anne Webster play a song for Live at Carlone’s! Please do check out this beautiful song if you have 3 minutes.

Live at Carlone’s went on location at the LA River to film Ryan Fuller of LA Rock band Fort King doing one of their hits Everything Falls Apart!

Tommy Santee Klaws and Family sing their beautiful song “Lighthearted”

TOMMY SANTEE KLAWS and Crew up in my Casa giving me goosebumps from the beauty they project. So lovely. Check it!

What an honor to have Ruthann Friedman and her band! From my living room to your computer! Enjoy!

Ruthann Friedman - 12 String Guitar and Vocals
David Jenkins - Bass Guitar
David Goodstein - Drums
Kaitlin Wolfberg - Violin
Chris Carlone - Cameras and Editing

This song kills me. So good. Please give it listen.

Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Matthew Teardrop being backed up by mateo Katz on the Organ.

Deep love for the Teardrop jamz…
Matthew Teardrop - Guitar, harp, Vocals
Mateo Katz - Organ

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